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Several problems in the engineering domain are multi-objective in nature. The solution to multi-objective optimization is a set of solutions rather than a single point solution. Such a set of non-dominated solutions are called Pareto optimal solutions or non-inferior solutions. In this paper, a new algorithm, Elitist-Multi-objective Differential Evolution(More)
Multi-objective optimization using an evolutionary computation technique is used extensively for solving conflicting multi-objective optimization problems. In this work, an improved strategy of multi-objective differential evolution (MODE) where the mutation strategy is changed to a trigonometric mutation approach is proposed. The proposed strategy along(More)
In the present study, the Differential Evolution (DE), an evolutionary computation technique, is applied to the optimal design of an auto-thermal ammonia synthesis reactor. This paper also presents the new concept of " Nested DE " (DE is also used to find out the best combination of key parameters of DE itself). The main objective in the optimal design of(More)
Differential Evolution (DE) is an evolutionary optimization technique that is exceptionally simple, fast, and robust at numerical optimization. However, the convergence rate of DE in optimizing a computationally expensive objective function still does not meet our requirements, and an attempt to speed up DE is considered necessary. This paper introduces a(More)