B. V. Babu

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A new non-sequential technique is proposed for the estimation of effective heat transfer parameters using radial temperature profile measurements in a gas—liquid co-current downflow through packed bed reactors (often referred to as trickle bed reactors). Orthogonal collocation method combined with a new optimization technique, differential evolution (DE) is(More)
In the present study, the Differential Evolution (DE), an evolutionary computation technique, is applied to the optimal design of an auto-thermal ammonia synthesis reactor. This paper also presents the new concept of " Nested DE " (DE is also used to find out the best combination of key parameters of DE itself). The main objective in the optimal design of(More)
Several problems in the engineering domain are multi-objective in nature. The solution to multi-objective optimization is a set of solutions rather than a single point solution. Such a set of non-dominated solutions are called Pareto optimal solutions or non-inferior solutions. In this paper, a new algorithm, Elitist-Multi-objective Differential Evolution(More)
Differential Evolution (DE) is an evolutionary optimization technique that is exceptionally simple, fast, and robust at numerical optimization. However, the convergence rate of DE in optimizing a computationally expensive objective function still does not meet our requirements, and an attempt to speed up DE is considered necessary. This paper introduces a(More)
Multi-objective optimization using an evolutionary computation technique is used extensively for solving conflicting multi-objective optimization problems. In this work, an improved strategy of multi-objective differential evolution (MODE) where the mutation strategy is changed to a trigonometric mutation approach is proposed. The proposed strategy along(More)