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A new non-sequential technique is proposed for the estimation of effective heat transfer parameters using radial temperature profile measurements in a gas—liquid co-current downflow through packed bed reactors (often referred to as trickle bed reactors). Orthogonal collocation method combined with a new optimization technique, differential evolution (DE) is(More)
BACKGROUND Violence against women is now widely recognised as an important public health problem, owing to its health consequences. Violence against women among many Indian communities on a regularly basis goes unreported. The objective of this study is to report the prevalence and other related issues of various forms of domestic violence against women(More)
In the present study, the Differential Evolution (DE), an evolutionary computation technique, is applied to the optimal design of an auto-thermal ammonia synthesis reactor. This paper also presents the new concept of " Nested DE " (DE is also used to find out the best combination of key parameters of DE itself). The main objective in the optimal design of(More)
The reliability of Physical Modeling in applications such as Adsorption and Heat transfer studies is not accurate since their mechanisms are complex and a proper understanding of the physics of the system is incomplete. In order to verify the applicability of Regression technique for Physical Modeling, a physical model is developed based on Multiple(More)
Population growth, coupled with industrialization and urbanization, has resulted in an increasing demand for water thus leading to water crisis and serious consequences on the environment. The effluent stream released from the industries mainly comprises of hazardous chemicals and heavy metal ions. Chromium is abundant in nature and has a dominant presence(More)