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Gabaculine, a conformationally restricted analogue of GABA, is (i) a moderately potent inhibitor (IC(50) 69 muM) of the sodium-dependent uptake of GABA in rat brain slices, (ii) ineffective at 100 muM as an inhibitor of the sodium-independent binding of GABA to membranes from rat brain, (iii) a relatively weak inhibitor (IC(50) > 1 mM) of glutamate(More)
Both cis- and trans-3-aminocyclobutane-1-carboxylic acid have been synthesized as conformationally restricted analogs of GABA. The cis isomer displayed weak to moderate GABA-like activity with respect to (1) inhibition of GABA uptake in rat brain minislices, (2) inhibition of sodium-independent binding of GABA to rat brain membranes, (3) activity as a(More)
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