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The complete amino acid sequences and the disulfide arrangements of the two chains of human haptoglobin 1-1 were established. The alpha 1 and beta chains of haptoglobin contain 83 and 245 residues, respectively. Comparison of the primary structure of haptoglobin with that of the chymotrypsinogen family of serine proteases revealed a significant degree of(More)
Polyclonal antibodies to the Tetrahymena macronuclear-specific histone variant hv1 cross-react with histone-like molecules from yeast, wheat, and mouse. A novel purification scheme has allowed isolation of sufficient hv1 to enable determination of the sequence of 61 amino-terminal residues as well as 27 additional internal residues. These data clearly(More)
Acrylamide gel electrophoresis demonstrated that the toxin of Vibrio cholerae is comprised of three polypeptide chains, alpha, beta, and gamma, of molecular weights 24,000, 9,700, and 9,700 daltons, respectively. Amino acid sequence analysis of intact toxin indicated a molecular composition of alpha gamma beta4. Acrylamide gel electrophoresis and sequence(More)
Characterization of the cyanogen bromide (CNBr) fragments of the beta chain of human haptoglobin revealed five major fragments resulting from cleavage of four methionyl residues. The fragments were isolated by gel filtration in guanidine-HCl on Sepharose 6B and Bio-Gel P10 and P60. Compositional analyses of the five cyanogen bromide fragments accounted for(More)
A manual procedure for precyclization of fiberglass filters has been described. The quality of the manually precycled filter is as good for microsequence analysis of proteins and peptides as a filter that has been precycled by an automatic system. The manually precycled filter is convenient to use and saves time and money.
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