B. Tomas Johansson

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The effect of external application of local cold on swelling, trismus, temperature and pain postoperatively in surgical removal of impacted mandibular third molars was studied in a cross-over study comprising 45 patients. The patients were treated postoperatively with cold dressings after the first or the second operation. There were no significant(More)
We consider the problem of stable determination of a harmonic function from knowledge of the solution and its normal derivative on a part of the boundary of the (bounded) solution domain. The alternating method is a procedure to generate an approximation to the harmonic function from such Cauchy data and we investigate a numerical implementation of this(More)
We extend a meshless method of fundamental solutions recently proposed by the authors for the one-dimensional two-phase nverse linear Stefan problem, to the nonlinear case. In this latter situation the free surface is also considered unknown which is ore realistic from the practical point of view. Building on the earlier work, the solution is approximated(More)
A multiple regression model was used to analyse if the structure of vegetation and soil patches in grazed units (pastures) can be used as explanatory variables to predict the prevalence of Dicrocoelium dendriticum, a common parasite of cattle and sheep, in grazing cattle stocks on the Baltic island of Öland in southern Sweden. The scale dependency was(More)
Note: The following files were submitted by the author for peer review, but cannot be converted to PDF. You must view these files (e.g. movies) online. (Received) We investigate an application of the method of fundamental solutions (MFS) to heat conduction in two-dimensional bodies, where the thermal diffusivity is piecewise constant. We extend the MFS(More)