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— Satisfactory results of automatic guidance of farm vehicles have been achieved in previous works as long as vehicles move without sliding, but unfortunately in agricultural applications, sliding always occurs inevitably which causes loss of accuracy. In this paper the problem of path following control of autonomous farm vehicles subject to sliding is(More)
— This paper deals with platooning navigation in the context of innovative solutions for urban transportation systems. More precisely, a sustainable approach centered on automated electric vehicles in free-access is considered. To tackle the major problem of congestions in dense areas, cooperative navigation according to a platoon formation is investigated.(More)
— Automated electric vehicles available in free access constitute a promising very efficient and environment-friendly " urban transportation system ". An additional functionality that could enhance this transportation service is vehicle platoon-ing. In order to avoid oscillations within the platoon when completing this task, a global control strategy,(More)
Various ¿Urban Transportation Systems¿ are currently in developing, in order to put forward solutions to congestion and pollution in dense areas. Autonomous electric vehicles in free-access can be seen as an attractive approach, in view of the large flexibility that can be expected. One instrumental functionality linked to this solution is platoon motion:(More)
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