B. Thomas Smith

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Hydroelectric power provides a cheap source of electricity with few carbon emissions. Yet, reservoirs are not operated sustainably, which we define asmeeting societal needs for water and power while protecting long-term health of the river ecosystem. Reservoirs that generate hydropower are typically operated with the goal of maximizing energy revenue, while(More)
A forward-biased p-i-n diode integrated with a ridge waveguide forms a basic Si attenuator building block. Disruptive power improvement was achieved through a recessed contact configuration by limiting the amount of Si volume for carrier recombination. A device model was established by using realistic surface recombination velocities instead of effective(More)
This paper offers a brief introduction to silicon photonics including the basic optical waveguide, passive optical circuit performance, the addition of doped pand njunctions adjacent to the intrinsic silicon waveguide to inject a current across the waveguide, free-carrier dispersion, performance of the variable optical attenuator (VOA), and a monolithic,(More)
Recharge estimation is an important and challenging element of groundwater management and resource sustainability. Many recharge estimation methods have been developed with varying data requirements, applicable to different spatial and temporal scales. The variability and inherent uncertainty in recharge estimation motivates the recommended use of multiple(More)
During the Irish famine of 1846-1851 there were an estimated 1.0 million excess deaths, the migration of 1.3 million persons, and 300,000 averted births. To assess the influence of population changes at the local level in Ulster, decennial census records were analyzed for the Barony of Upper Ards, County Down, from 1841 to 1911. Data on marriages contracted(More)
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