B. T. Sewell

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The maximum entropy method has been applied to single axis tilt electron microscopic tomography. Its application requires that the problem be correctly formulated and that the model for the noise in electron micrographs be developed. A suitable noise model was determined empirically. The maximum entropy method was applied to a reconstruction of a test(More)
The observation that the acid proteases contain two structurally equivalent lobes related by a dyad through the active centre has been extended to show that in endothiapepsin each lobe contains two similar halves related by a further local dyad. In lobe 1 22 pairs of alpha-carbons are equivalent with a root mean square deviation of 1.92 A. In lobe 2 17(More)
This work outlines the development of a general imaging model for use in autofocus, astigmatism correction, and resolution analysis. The model is based on the modulation transfer function of the system in the presence of aberrations, in particular defocus. The signals used are related to the ratios of the Fourier transforms of images captured under diierent(More)
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