B. T. Prasanna

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— Cloud computing is a popular distributed network and utility model based technology. Since in cloud the data is outsourced to third parties, the protection of confidentiality and privacy of user data becomes important. Different methods for securing the data in cloud have been proposed by researchers including but not limited to Oblivious RAM, study of(More)
A series of novel pyranochromene-containing tetrazoles fused with pyrimidinethiones, pyrimidines, and diazepines 3a-f, 4a-f, and 5a-f were synthesized by condensation of the corresponding tetrazoles 2a-f with carbon disulfide, benzaldehyde, and 4-methoxy phenacyl bromide, respectively. The compound 2a-f was obtained by reaction of pyrano[3,2-c]chromenes(More)
A series of 3-substituted aminophenyl-4-hydroxycoumarins 4a-h were synthesized via Mannich reaction by using [BMIM]BF 4 ionic liquid under microwave irradiation. Compounds were characterized by IR, 1 H NMR and mass spectroscopy. All the compounds were tested for their antibacterial activity against B.subtilis, Bacillus.sp, E. coli and P.putida. Most of the(More)
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