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Speech coders with bitrates as low as 2.4 kbits/s are now being developed for speech transmission in the telecommunications industry. For speech coders to work at this reduced bitrate, some speech information has to be removed and it is only natural to expect that the performance of speechrecognition systems will deteriorate when coded speech is applied as(More)
Speech recognition systems work reasonably well in laboratory conditions, but their performance deteriorates drastically when they are deployed in practical situations where the speech is corrupted by additive noise. One way to improve the performance of a speech recognition system in the presence of noise, is to enhance the speech prior to its recognition.(More)
Many of the “new paradigms in mining” and notions of “sustainable mining” have at their core the requirement for reliable, continuous centimetre-level positioning accuracy to enable increased automation of mining operations. The deployment of precision systems for navigating, controlling and monitoring machinery such as drills, dozers, draglines and shovels(More)
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