B. T. David

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INTRODUCTION An appropriate architectural model should fulfill three main objectives. Firstly, it organizes software structure to improve implementation, portability and maintenance. Secondly, it helps identify the functional components (e.g. MVC [1]), which is essential during analysis and design process. Its third role is to help the understanding of a(More)
Frameworks and design patterns are emerging technologies in software engineering. They increase software quality in terms of reusability, modularity and extensibility. Synchronous groupware can benefit of these new technologies. This article describes AMF-C, a multiagent model which structures each agent with a various number of facets, and two associated(More)
This paper discusses the advantages of an integrated approach to computer-aided design and more particularly to computer-aided architectural design (CAAD). We have studied different ways of organizing integrated systems, and our work has enabled us to define an integrated system for computer-aided architectural design: SIGMA-ARCHI which we describe. This(More)
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