B. Surendiran

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We present new geometric shape and margin features for classifying mammogram mass lesions into BI-RADS shape categories: round, oval, lobular and irregular. According to Breast Imaging Reporting and Data System (BIRADS), masses can be differentiated using its shape, size and density, which is how radiologist visualizes the mammograms. Measuring regular and(More)
An Univariate Analysis Of Variance (ANOVA) Discriminant Analysis (DA) classifier is proposed for classifying the masses present in mammogram. This approach combines the 19 shape properties of the mass regions and classifies the masses as benign or malignant using Univariate ANOVA. The experiment is performed on DDSM database images. Experimental results(More)
Abstract: This paper focuses on an approach for characterising the mammogram masses using various geometric shape and margin features. According to BIRADS system, benign and malignant masses can be differentiated using its shape, size and density features, which is how radiologist visualise the mammograms. According to BIRADS, benign masses are round, oval,(More)
Software fault prediction plays a vital role in software quality assurance. Identifying the faulty modules helps to better concentrate on those modules and helps improve the quality of the software. With increasing complexity of software nowadays feature selection is important to remove the redundant, irrelevant and erroneous data from the dataset. In(More)
Elliptic Curve cryptography is a public key cryptographic system where the message is encrypted using private key of sender and decryption is done using senders public key and the receiver's private key. This paper introduces a new mapping technique for encoding the message into affine points on the elliptic curve. Mapping technique convert the plain text(More)
Assessment is an integral part of learning and plays a significant role in education. Adaptive testing is a form assessment in which the tests are tailored to the individual’s ability. This paper presents an adaptive assessment system realized in PHP and MYSQL. The motivation was to investigate the techniques for the improvement of student assessment. The(More)
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