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Multilevel converters are very attractive for applications in medium-voltage high power range since they are capable of producing the high quality output waveform with low switching frequency. The multilevel topology is obtained by the cascaded H-bridge converter (CHB) which is formed from the series connection of H-bridge cells. A new method to generate(More)
In the recent years, there has been a significant growth in the electrical power requirement in our country; this is due to the advancement of the technology of transmission system to transmit the bulk power over the long distances effectively. The transmission system voltages has increased to 765 kV ac and 800kV dc, at the same time 1200 kV ac and 800kV dc(More)
In the present work, behavior of corona discharges on the polymeric insulating sample, generated from a multiple needle electrode in the presence of normal air and fog (mist) condition, is studied with the aid of an image processing technique. The development of streamers is closely monitored using the high-resolution digital single lens reflection camera.(More)
There are many gate driver circuits in the literature both with and without galvanic isolation. Almost all existing methods have limitations either in duty cycle and/or switching frequency. Further, most of the opto-isolated drives require multiple isolated power supplies. This paper presents a novel isolated gate driver based on dual forward converter(More)
This paper presents two applications for using vacuum circuit breakers (VCBs) in flexible ac transmission systems in the high-voltage (HV) power grid. This is first a mechanically switched reactor, which is series connected to a thyristor-controlled series compensator in order to enhance the inductive working range. Nevertheless, the switching frequency of(More)
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