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Nanotopographical cues on Ti have been shown to elicit different cell responses such as cell differentiation and selective growth. Bone remodelling is a constant process requiring specific cues for optimal bone growth and implant fixation. Moreover, biofilm formation and the resulting infection on surgical implants is a major issue. Our aim is to identify(More)
Lithium elemental and isotopic compositions of olivines in peridotite xenoliths from Hebi in the North China Craton provide direct evidence for the highly variable δ(7)Li in Archean lithospheric mantle. The δ(7)Li in the cores of olivines from the Hebi high-Mg# peridotites (Fo > 91) show extreme variation from -27 to +21, in marked deviation from the δ(7)Li(More)
We report Li isotopic compositions of olivine from the mantle sequence of the Luobusa ophiolite, southern Tibet. The olivine in the Luobusa ophiolite has Li concentrations from ~0.1 to 0.9 ppm and a broad range of δ(7)Li (+14 to -20‰). An inverse correlation of Li concentration and δ(7)Li in olivine from harzburgite suggests recent diffusive ingress of Li(More)
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