B. Straubinger

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The structure of a new segment of the gene locus encoding the variable regions of human immunoglobulins of the Kappa type (VK) has been elucidated. This segment (cluster B) encompasses six VK sequences, which belong to three different subgroups and which are arranged in the same transcriptional orientation. Part of cluster B was found to be very similar to(More)
Two large regions of the human multigene family coding for the variable parts of the immunoglobulin light chains of the K type (VK) have been characterized on cosmid clones. The two germline regions, called Aa and Ab, span together 250,000 base-pairs and comprise 28 different VK gene segments, nine of which have been sequenced. There is a preponderance of(More)
The gene segments encoding the constant and variable regions of human immunoglobulin light chains of the kappa type (C kappa, V kappa) have been localized to chromosome 2. The distance between the C kappa and V kappa genes and the number of germline V kappa genes are unknown. As part of our work on the human V kappa locus, we have now mapped two solitary V(More)
Genomic regions containing numerous cloned VK genes (abbreviations in ref. 2) were investigated by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis. 31 and 32 genes were linked within 1.0 and 1.3 Mb NotI fragments, respectively; the latter fragment includes also the JKCK gene segment. A 0.25 Mb NotI fragment comprises further 10 VK genes. Since the transcriptional(More)
As part of the ongoing work in our laboratory on the structural organization of the human V kappa locus we screened cosmid libraries with V kappa gene probes and obtained numerous V kappa gene-containing cosmid clones. Several genomic regions of the V kappa locus were reconstructed from overlapping cosmid inserts and were extended by one step of chromosomal(More)
Analysis of the human VK (ref. 2) gene locus led to the detection of a new sequence family (L sequences). Its copy number is in the range of 10(2). The L sequences, which are about 500 bp long, are found as part of the 3' flanking regions of a clustered set of human VKI genes but they occur also separate from the genes. Models are discussed in which L(More)
The localization of V kappa gene regions to chromosome 2, on which the kappa locus is located, and to other chromosomes is described. The V kappa genes that have been transposed to other chromosomes are called orphons. The finding of two new V kappa genes on chromosome 22 is reported. A V kappa II gene of this region and two V kappa I genes of the Chr1 and(More)
Two gene segments coding for the variable region of human immunoglobulin light chains of the kappa type (VK genes, ref. 2) were found to have unusual structures. The two genes which are called A6 and A22 are located in duplicated gene clusters. Their restriction maps are very similar. About 4 kb of the A22 gene region were sequenced. It turned out that the(More)
A group of highly homologous transposed human V kappa I genes, which we call the Z family, was characterized. To date four members, ZI-ZIV, comprising about 230 kb, have been analyzed on cosmid clones. The largest region (ZI) has a length of 85 kb. The Z regions show extensive homology to each other according to restriction maps and hybridization data. In(More)