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The acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in children is now known to be a clinical entity separate and distinct from AIDS in adults. In this article we present a review of the recent literature describing the history, definitions, epidemiology, differential diagnosis, and immunologic and clinical features of pediatric AIDS. Special emphasis is placed(More)
We present a GPU accelerated toolbox for shaping the light propagation through multimode fibre using a spatial light modulator (SLM). The light is modulated before being coupled to the proximal end of the fibre in order to achieve arbitrary light patterns at the distal end of the fibre. First, the toolbox optimises the acquisition time of the transformation(More)
Bipolaris spicifera is a dematiaceous fungus that has rarely been reported to cause cutaneous infection in humans. A patient with leukemia was examined for a non-healing ulcer on her leg that developed following minor trauma. Histopathologic study revealed groups of nonpigmented, septate fungal hyphae located predominantly in the necrotic ulcer base.(More)
This paper discusses the parameters involved in making fast and reliable quiescent current (Iddq or Issq) measurements, with particular attention to the test setup and the point of measurement. For that purpose a detailed theoretical and practical study was made of the Iddq settling behaviour in function of proper measurement instrument positioning. The(More)
An integrated off-chip I/sub DDQ/ measuring unit (IOCIMU) is described in this paper. The semi-digital current monitor is designed for the use with standard automatic test equipment (ATE). Simulations of the monolithic monitor implemented in a 2-/spl mu/m BiCMOS technology show an accuracy better than 1% for currents in the range from 0 to 1 mA and a test(More)
The paper describes a new Digital controlled Off-Chip IDDQ Measurement Unit (DOCIMU), which provides reliable precision and relatively fast measurements, even with a high capacitive load, while the Device Under Test (DUT) is unaffected. The maximal resolution is 50nA and the accurate measurement range is 1mA. Unlike other IDDQ monitors, the DOCIMU copes(More)