B. Steven Luo

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Serotype 4b strains of the food-borne pathogen Listeria monocytogenes are responsible for a large portion of sporadic listeric infections and all major food-borne listeriosis outbreaks in humans. Hybridomas were produced from three fusions with lymphocytes of ND4 mice immunized either with the insoluble antigens of L. monocytogenes serotype 4b or with(More)
Objective. To evaluate the effectiveness and safety of acupuncture for cancer-related pain. Methods. A systematic review of literatures published from database inception to February 2015 was conducted in eight databases. RCTs involving acupuncture for treatment of cancer-related pain were identified. Two researchers independently performed article(More)
We propose a novel method that, for the first time to our knowledge, makes it possible to tailor the spectral response of an input grating coupler. This method is based on the idea of computer-generated waveguide holography. Grating couplers with different spectral responses have been designed and fabricated, and experimental results are presented that(More)
We report the fabrication of a novel high nonlinear fiber made of Ge-Sb-Se chalcogenide glasses with high numerical aperture (∼1.0), where the core and the cladding glasses consist of Ge<sub>15</sub>Sb<sub>25</sub>Se<sub>60</sub> and Ge<sub>15</sub>Sb<sub>20</sub>Se<sub>65</sub> (mol. %), respectively. The nonlinear refractive index (n<sub>2</sub>) of the(More)
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