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—Electromagnetic shields are designed to optimize the performance for shielding effectiveness and reflectivity. Multilayered laminates of different materials are developed to achieve excellent results in terms of not only in shielding effectiveness but also for reflectivity. In this paper, a three layered laminate is considered for estimation of the(More)
The International Journal of Pharma and Bio Sciences (IJPBS) is an international journal published quarterly. The Aim of IJPBS is to publish peer reviewed research and review articles in less time without much delay in the developing field of Pharmaceutical and Biological sciences. One week from the date of manuscript submission author gets the decision of(More)
An absorbing material–conductor laminate is widely used for electromagnetic compatibility of electronic circuits at microwave frequencies. Such a laminate when properly designed will exhibit good results in terms of electromagnetic interference and compatibility. In this paper, microwave absorbing materials like 1) Ca-NiTi hexa ferrite composites (Ca (NiTi)(More)
Imaging in life and materials sciences has become completely digital and this transformation of visual imagery in to mathematical constructs has made it common place for researchers to utilize computers for their day to day image analysis tasks. The main objective of the paper is extracting the facial features of an image. In this paper presents a survey on(More)
Microstrip antennas or patch antennas are popular for their attractive features such as low profile, low weight, low cost, ease of fabrication and integration with RF devices. Micro strip antennas have been found favorable because they are inexpensive to manufacture and compatible with monolithic microwave integrated circuit designs (MMIC). They are usually(More)
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