B. Silvano Zanutto

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Artificial intelligence researchers have been attracted by the idea of having robots learn how to accomplish a task, rather than being told explicitly. Reinforcement learning has been proposed as an appealing framework to be used in controlling mobile agents. Robot learning research, as well as research in biological systems, face many similar problems in(More)
The prisoner's dilemma (PD) is the leading metaphor for the evolution of cooperative behavior in populations of selfish agents. Although cooperation in the iterated prisoner's dilemma (IPD) has been studied for over twenty years, most of this research has been focused on strategies that involve nonlearned behavior. Another approach is to suppose that(More)
Rats, people, and many other omnivores eat in meals rather than continuously. We show by experimental test that eating in meals is regulated by a simple bang-bang control system, an idea foreshadowed by Le Magnen and many others, shown by us to account for a wide range of behavioral data, but never explicitly tested or tied to neurophysiological facts. The(More)
Equivalence relations (ERs) are logical entities that emerge concurrently with the development of language capabilities. In this work we propose a computational model that learns to build ERs by learning simple conditional rules. The model includes visual areas, dopaminergic, and noradrenergic structures as well as prefrontal and motor areas, each of them(More)
The word glucagon was misspelled glucagons. This is the correct sentence: In addition, amylin [18] and glucagon [19], which are secreted from the pancreatic islets during meals, also reduce meal size. The following sentence was missing a reference (34): Conversely, bilateral PVN lesions cause a hyperphagic obesity syndrome, whereas bilateral lesioning of(More)
There exists evidence showing that Internet end-to-end performance is directly affected by well-known routing inefficiencies. Braess' Paradox is an example of the inefficient use of resources as a result of inadequate policies, thus tackling it might be a necessary condition for the new routing strategies. In this paper we propose a routing strategy based(More)