B. Shivananda Nayak

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BACKGROUND Catharanthus roseus L (C. roseus) has been used to treat a wide assortment of diseases including diabetes. The objective of our study was to evaluate the antimicrobial and wound healing activity of the flower extract of Catharanthus in rats. METHODS Wound healing activity was determined in rats, after administration (100 mg kg-1 day-1) of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the association of low serum creatinine, abnormal lipid profile and demographic variables with type 2 diabetic Trinidadian subjects. METHODS Data were obtained from a cohort of 1122 diabetic and non-diabetic patients from clinics in Trinidad. Variables measured included demographics, HbA1(c), serum creatinine, lipid profile values and(More)
OBJECTIVE Morinda citrifolia L. is a traditional Polynesian medicinal plant which is apparently useful for bowel disorders, skin inflammation, infection, mouth ulcers and wound healing. This study aimed to evaluate the wound-healing activity of Morinda citrifolia fruit juice in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. METHOD An excision wound model was used.(More)
AIM The rheological properties of erythrocytes are impaired in diabetes mellitus, especially because of changes in their membrane lipid composition.The aim of this study was to determine and examine the relationship between red blood cell (RBC) membrane and serum lipid composition in type II diabetes subjects with and without nephropathy. METHODS(More)
Rats treated with 100 mg /kg/day of the Catharanthus roseus ethanol extract had high rate of wound contraction significantly decreased epithelization period, significant increase in dry weight and hydroxyproline content of the granulation tissue when compared with the controls. Wound contraction together with increased tensile strength and hydroxyproline(More)
INTRODUCTION Coffee though not usually thought of as healthy food but can be treated as one of the beneficial drink. Many researchers have found strong evidence that coffee reduces the risk of several serious ailments, including diabetes, heart disease, cirrhosis of the liver, etc. The long term beneficial effect of coffee on diabetes is now understood to(More)
Caribbean data linking inflammation, pulmonary dysfunction and diabetes is unavailable. Spirometry, acanthosis nigricans, hs-CRP were assessed in 109 type 2 diabetics (43% males) mean age=55.6 years, BMI=29.29 kg/m(2), waist circumference=103.86 cm. Residual FEV1/FVC increased with age (P=0.005), BMI (P=0.011) and waist circumference (P=0.003). Residual FVC(More)
OBJECTIVE Our study attempted to evaluate the diagnostic value of HbA1c in predicting diabetic dyslipidemia and cardiovascular diseases (CVD). METHODS Study comprised 229 subjects (156 males and 73 females) with diabetic dyslipidemia without any micro and macro vascular disorders. Fasting blood samples were taken to analyse biochemical parameters like(More)
This study was done to assess whether self monitoring of blood glucose is associated with better glycaemic control in type 2 diabetic Trinidadians. Data was collected from 146 type 2 diabetics via interviews and medical files. Variables extracted included fasting blood glucose, HbA1c and lipid profile. Recent users of the glucometer had better glycemic(More)
AIMS To investigate the link between benign prostatic hypertrophy, BMI and type 2 diabetes mellitus. MATERIALS AND METHODS This was the retrospective study conducted at the urology clinic of NCRHA and SWRHA, in Trinidad. Data was obtained from 85 patients with high PSA values (>4.0ng/mL). The data collected were age, ethnicity, weight, height, lifestyle(More)