B. Shen

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This paper presents a scheme for performing convolution operation directly on compressed images without decompressing them first. The use of such a scheme is demonstrated and discussed by showing the implementation of the Laplacian-of-Gaussian operator for edge detection. We present a complete evaluation of the different parameters involved in this process(More)
We report evidence of the transition from n- to p-type conduction of InN with increasing Mg dopant concentration by using photoconductivity (PC) measurement at room temperature. This transition is depicted as a conversion from negative to positive PC under above-bandgap optical excitation. The n- to p-type transition in InN:Mg is further confirmed by(More)
The short-range order (SRO) in Pd78Cu6Si16 liquid was studied by high energy x-ray diffraction and ab initio molecular dynamics (MD) simulations. The calculated pair correlation functions at different temperatures agree well with the experimental results. The partial pair correlation functions from ab intio MD simulations indicate that Si atoms prefer to be(More)
AlGaN/GaN quantum structure is an excellent candidate for high speed infrared detectors based on intersubband transitions. However, fabrication of AlGaN/GaN quantum well infrared detectors suffers from polarization-induced internal electric field, which greatly limits the carrier vertical transport. In this article, a step quantum well is proposed to(More)
Utilizing the growth temperature controlled epitaxy, high quality GaN/In0.15Ga0.85N multiple quantum wells designed for intersubband transition (ISBT) as novel candidates in III-nitride infrared device applications have been experimentally realized for the first time. Photo-absorption originated from the ISBT has been successfully observed at infrared(More)
Ring resonator modulators (RRM) combine extreme compactness, low power consumption and wavelength division multiplexing functionality, making them a frontrunner for addressing the scalability requirements of short distance optical links. To extend data rates beyond the classically assumed bandwidth capability, we derive and experimentally verify closed form(More)
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