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We have analysed the causes of failure of surgical treatment of the patients with laryngeal carcinoma. Among 269 patients operated in different stages of the disease, 100 (37.0%) of them showed in retrospective analysis negative result of the treatment, that is the recurrence and/or death. The local recurrence have been discovered in 30 (30.0%) of the(More)
The results of laryngeal cancer surgery were assessed in a group of 832 patients treated in four major ENT centers in Poland. Five-year survival rates were as follows: stage I, 86%; stage II, 71%; stage III, 54%; and stage IV, 42%. In experienced hands and for properly selected cases, cure rates after partial (conservation) laryngeal surgery were similar to(More)
Three and five years survival rates in a group of 3440 patients surgically treated for carcinoma of the larynx in four ENT Departments in the years 1977-86 were presented. 5 years survival rate was obtained in 70% of patients treated only surgically, and in 46% patients treated with surgery combined with radiotherapy.