B. Seetha Lakshmi

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The polarity protein complex Par6/atypical protein kinase (aPKC)/Cdc42 regulates polarization processes during epithelial morphogenesis, astrocyte migration, and axon specification. We, as well as others, have shown that this complex is also required for disruption of apical-basal polarity during the oncogene ErbB2-induced transformation and transforming(More)
The study presents comparative morpho-anatomical information of 10 common cultivars of Piper betle species available in India. The ten cultivars show some structural similarities. Four layered upper and two layered lower epidermis was observed in all the varities of P. betle studied. Crystals and oil reserves were found in the epidermal cells. The Kapoori(More)
High conservation of glycyl residues in homologous proteins is fairly frequent. It is commonly understood that glycine tends to be highly conserved either because of its unique Ramachandran angles or to avoid steric clash that would arise with a larger side chain. Using a database of aligned 3D structures of homologous proteins we identified conserved Gly(More)
We consider a modified Klein-Gordon equation that arises at ultra high energies. In a suitable approximation it is shown that for the linear potential which is of interest in quark interactions, their confinement for example, we get solutions that mimic the Harmonic oscillator energy levels, surprisingly. An equation similar to the beam equation is obtained(More)
The paper focuses on the design and Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) implementation of embedded system for time based dual encryption scheme with Delay Compulsion Function (DCF) and also illustrates the application of DCF in time based cryptography. Further, the strength of the time based FPGA encryption algorithm with and without using DCF is analyzed(More)
A lot of research work has been done in the area of Garbage collection for both uniprocessor and distributed systems. Actors are associated with activity (thread) and hence usual garbage collection algorithms cannot be applied for them. Hence a separate algorithm should be used to collect them. If we transform the active reference graph into a graph which(More)
Two types of population models are well known – the continuous and the discrete types.The two have very different characteristics and methods of solutions and analysis.In this note, we point out that an iterative technique when applied to the continuous case mimics, surprisingly the discrete theory. The implication is that techniques and conclusions of the(More)
The interfacing of a commonly used spectrophotometer, the Hitachi U2000, through its RS-232C port to a IBM compatible computer is described. The hardware for data acquisation was designed by suitably modifying readily available materials, and the software was written using the C programming language. The various steps involved in these procedures are(More)
A method has been developed for immobilisation of antisera on fresh plastic tubes through an immunochemical bridge. This type of immobilisation has been shown to be more consistent than direct adsorption on plastic. Such immunochemically coated antisera on plastic tube has been used in the development of a noncentrifugation radioimmunoassay. This assay(More)