B. Scott Michel

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An adaptive, highly scalable, and robust web caching system is needed to effectively handle the exponential growth and extreme dynamic environment of the World Wide Web. Our work presented last year sketched out the basic design of such a system [31]. This sequel paper reports our progress over the past year. To assist caches making Web query forwarding(More)
— Web caching is generally acknowledged as an important service for alleviating focused overloads when certain web servers' contents suddenly become popular. Cooperative caching systems are more effective than independent caches due to the larger collective backing store that cooperation creates. One such system currently being developed at UCLA, Adaptive(More)
This chapter examines the integration of content-based event notification systems with workflow management. This is motivated by the need for dynamic, data-driven application systems which can dynamically discover, ingest data from, and interact with other application systems, including physical systems with online sensors and actuators. This requires(More)
In this paper, we describe a model of conceptual indexation adapted to the RDFS structured resources. The process of the structured IR (Information Research) in XML corpus, based on the balancing of a document terms improves the IR. However, silence in the resources return remains a concern. Operating a weak ontology described by RDFS can improve the(More)
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