B. Saavedra-Moreno

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In this paper we present a novel evolutionary algorithm for optimal positioning of wind turbines in wind farms. We consider a realistic model for the wind farm, which includes orography, shape of the wind farm, simulation of the wind speed and direction, and costs of installation , connection and road construction among wind turbines. Several experiments(More)
The selection of hyper-parameters in support vector machines for regression (SVMr) is an essential step in the training process of these learning machines. Unfortunately, there is not an exact method to obtain the optimal values of SVM hyper-parameters. Therefore, it is necessary to use a search algorithm in order to find the best set of hyper-parameters.(More)
Techno-economical studies in telecommunication networks are important and quite complicated topics. One of the major challenges is to estimate the investment in new or additional network equipment to consider a new service, or to compare two technologies in the same or different frequency band. In order to carry out this kind of analysis, a nationwide(More)