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This paper presents the design, fabrication and characterization of RF MEMS dual output switch implemented in silicon substrate of thickness 5 μm. The topology of the switch is cantilever based microelectro mechanical system(MEMS) switch for the performance in the Ku band of frequency for satellite payload application. Along with the process of(More)
Low Power Transmitter design requires to optimize the energy efficiencies of key building blocks including Voltage Controlled Oscillator, Mixer, and Power Amplifier (PA). Traditional Power Amplifier design for low power application use various classes of amplifiers such as Class A, Class AB, Class E to avoid output filters that degrades the output(More)
The application of Microstrip technology offers us a very compact realization of the designed filter resulting in reduced filter size and improved output. In this paper we propose a capacitor and varactor tuned microstrip coupled bandpass filter (BPF) loaded with parallel coupled microstrip line with varactor diodes and capacitors to enhance tuning of the(More)
The aim of this paper is to design and analyze a Bistable MEMS switch which consumes energy only during the state transition. That means, when the switch is at one of its stable state, either ON or OFF, there is no power consumption. Basically switch is a bistable system. There are several bistable mechanisms, among them buckling mechanism is chosen to(More)
A printed planar microstrip patch antenna with pattern reconfiguration of total size 50&#x00D7;49.72mm<sup>2</sup> is proposed. The antenna features a rectangular patch which is inset fed by a microstrip transmission line and enclosed in a ring. A partial ground plane and three pin-diodes are used to achieve the reconfigurability performance. The radiation(More)
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