B. S. Shivaram

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Using a surface acoustic wave based high resolution gravimetric technique where samples close to a monolayer are measured we observe high weight percentage hydrogen (H(2)) uptake with rapid kinetics at room temperature in transition metal (TM) ethylene (C(2)H(4)) complexes formed by laser ablation. By ablating titanium (Ti) in C(2)H(4) we obtain a complex(More)
We describe an apparatus assembled to measure hydrogen absorption on a monolayer of isolated nanometer scale entities. Utilizing inexpensive and readily available high frequency surface acoustic wave (SAW) sensors we achieve a sensitivity of 4 pg, sufficient to detect hydrogen uptake at less than 1% in nanogram level samples of such entities at room(More)
We report here low temperature magnetization isotherms for the single molecule magnet, (UO2-L)3. By analyzing the low temperature magnetization in terms of M  =  χ 1 B  +  χ 3 B 3 we extract the linear susceptibility χ 1 and the leading order nonlinear susceptibility χ 3. We find that χ 1 exhibits a peak at a temperature of T 1  =  10.4 K with χ 3 also(More)
We have recently shown that organo-metallic complexes formed by laser ablating transition metals in ethylene are high hydrogen absorbers at room temperature (Phillips and Shivaram 2008 Phys. Rev. Lett. 100 105505). Here we show that the absorption percentage depends strongly on the ethylene pressure. High ethylene pressures (>100 mTorr) result in a lowered(More)
Torque magnetometry is a convenient technique to measure the magnetic properties of anisotropic materials. Advances in micromachining have made torque magnetometers precise and reliable even in adverse conditions such as very high magnetic fields and very low temperatures. In most applications with such magnetometers the measured torque signals are used to(More)
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