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The Information Technology Act 2000 has enacted in India on 9th June 2000. This Act has mentioned provision of authentication of electronic document. It is the need of hour at that time that such provision is needed in the Indian Law system, especially for electronic commerce and electronic governance. Electronic commerce”, which involve the use of(More)
A variety of technologies are currently being used to deliver education on the Internet which include the use of the World Wide Web (WWW) for online lecture notes, newsgroups for collaborative discussions and class announcements, e-mail correspondence between students and teachers, interactive video over the Internet for remote participation in classes and(More)
Many biometric based personal identification systems have been developed, and palm print identification is one of the emerging technologies. Recently, biometric technologies are used to solve security problems in the information area. Authentications of a person by the physiological or behavioural characteristics have attracted researcher’s attention.(More)
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