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Nursing must chart a course between the pedagogical extremes of process versus content-focused courses. No one would deny the fact that nurses must have a solid knowledge base in addition to demonstrating an ability to think critically. Reason favors a "both-and" rather than an "either-or" approach to this issue. Justifiably, nurses have jumped on the(More)
The purpose of this qualitative study was to explore women's experiences of being a doctoral student. We report on interviews from 11 women, 8 of whom were Caucasian and 3 of whom were African-American. Participants in the study described their experiences as doctoral students in ways that reflected a spiraling process of becoming. This process included(More)
The Georgia Centenarian Study examines the biologic, psychologic, and social factors contributing to life satisfaction and successful aging in late adulthood. Three age groups are included, 60 through 69 years, 80 through 89 years, and 100+ years. While the overall theoretical model includes multiple variables, physical health is viewed as critical to(More)
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