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Machines without vibrations during operation are something non-existent which results in deterioration of machine tools. The condition based monitoring has become a crucial technique to ensure the machine availability by timely maintenance actions and reducing breakdown maintenance. Several condition monitoring techniques have been reported viz. vibration(More)
  • Sukhdeep S Dhami, SUKHDEEP S DHAMI, B S PABLA
  • 2013
Chemical Mechanical Polishing is a unique process enabling technology that allows chip makers to readily drive lithographic patterning steps to smaller dimensions, an ages old, “retro” technology related to glass polishing and metallographic finishing, thus enabling optical lithography to work. It represents a situation that is a true paradigm shift from(More)
Gearbox plays most essential role in the modern machinery for transmitting the required torque along with motion and contributes to wide range of applications. Any failure in gearbox components affects the productivity and efficiency of the system. Most machine breakdowns related to gears are a result of improper operating conditions and loading, hence lead(More)
Due to high costs associated with conventional maintenance strategies, application of soft computing in monitoring the condition of equipment to predict the health of various components of machine tools in manufacturing processes has attracted the attention of researchers. Soft computing is a better alternate to predict and optimize the manufacturing(More)
In recent decades, an interest in magnesium (Mg) alloys has progressively increased in numerous industrial fields. Magnesium alloys are characterized by favourable strength/weight ratio thus representing a valid alternative to aluminium alloys and High Strength Steels, largely adopted in those sectors where the production of lightweight parts is an(More)
Advances in soft computing reshape the manufacturing industries to develop an integrated, self-adjusting manufacturing systems into dynamically scalable and highly distributed cost-efficient business model. Due to presence of uncertainty and inaccuracy in manufacturing processes, the various soft computing algorithms i.e. neural networks, fuzzy sets,(More)
Optical material has increasingly been used for different applications due to its superior properties. The performance of these is affected by the polishing process and to achieve the better finish. Germanium has desirable properties such as light weight, good thermal conductivity, high strength,excellent infrared refractive index and has civilian(More)
The success of implant depends upon the surface characteristics like roughness, topography, chemistry and surface hardness. The fabrication of hard surface in combination with micron-/submicron- and nano-scale surface roughness is a great challenge for bio-manufacturing industries. Specifically, the surface micro-hardness (SMH) needs to be maximized while(More)
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