B. S. Manjunath

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Image content based retrieval is emerging as an important research area with application to digital libraries and multimedia databases. The focus of this paper is on the image processing aspects and in particular using texture information for browsing and retrieval of large image data. We propose the use of Gabor wavelet features for texture analysis and(More)
This paper presents an overview of color and texture descriptors that have been approved for the Final Committee Draft of the MPEG-7 standard. The color and texture descriptors that are described in this paper have undergone extensive evaluation and development during the past two years. Evaluation criteria include effectiveness of the descriptors in(More)
A new method for unsupervised segmentation of color-texture regions in images and video is presented. This method, which we refer to as JSEG, consists of two independent steps: color quantization and spatial segmentation. In the first step, colors in the image are quantized to several representative classes that can be used to differentiate regions in the(More)
We present here an implementation of NeTra, a prototype image retrieval system that uses color, texture, shape and spatial location information in segmented image regions to search and retrieve similar regions from the database. A distinguishing aspect of this system is its incorporation of a robust automated image segmentation algorithm that allows object-(More)
A new, simple, approach for active steganography is proposed in this paper that can successfully resist recent blind steganalysis methods, in addition to surviving distortion constrained attacks. We present Yet Another Steganographic Scheme (YASS), a method based on embedding data in randomized locations so as to disable the selfcalibration process (such(More)
Image registration is concerned with the establishment of correspondence between images of the same scene. One challenging problem in this area is the registration of multispectral/multisensor images. In general, such images have different gray level characteristics, and simple techniques such as those based on area correlations cannot be applied directly.(More)
A method of rotation-invariant texture classification based on a complete space-frequency model is introduced. A polar, analytic form of a two-dimensional (2-D) Gabor wavelet is developed, and a multiresolution family of these wavelets is used to compute information-conserving microfeatures. From these microfeatures a micromodel, which characterizes(More)
A novel boundary detection scheme based on "edge flow" is proposed in this paper. This scheme utilizes a predictive coding model to identify the direction of change in color and texture at each image location at a given scale, and constructs an edge flow vector. By propagating the edge flow vectors, the boundaries can be detected at image locations which(More)
During the past few years several interesting applications of eigenspace representation of images have been proposed. These include face recognition, video coding, and pose estimation. However, the vision research community has largely overlooked parallel developments in signal processing and numerical linear algebra concerning efficient eigenspace updating(More)