B. S. Loeffler

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Etomidate was injected i.v. within 10 or 60 s at various doses. After etomidate 0.3 mg kg-1 the plasma concentration was 1.6 micrograms ml-1 at 1 min after the end of injection. For about 7 min a good hypnotic effect (stages C0-D2) was observed on the e.e.g. recording. For surgical procedures, however, a combination with analgesic drugs appeared to be(More)
The effects of butorphanol tartrate on arterial pressure, jejunal blood flow, vascular resistance, oxygen extraction, and oxygen uptake were determined in 10 anesthetized ponies ventilated with a mixture of halothane and 100% oxygen, using isolated autoperfused jejunal segments. Physiologic saline solution or butorphanol tartrate (0.2 mg/kg of body weight)(More)
PURPOSE The important role of ET-1 in vasoconstriction has been shown for the vasoregulation in the retina, choroid and optic nerve. ET-1 induced vaso-constriction, however, can be treated effectively at the level of endothelin-1 converting enzyme (ECE-1) by ECE-1 inhibitors because ECE-1 converts biologically almost inactive big endothelin to endothelin-1(More)
Inhaled endotoxin, lipopolysaccharide (LPS), has been shown to result in bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR) to endogenous bronchoconstrictive mediators such as histamine. To determine the role of sensory neuropeptides released from bronchopulmonary C-fibers in LPS-induced BHR, 24 guinea pigs were allocated randomly to the following four groups. Animals in(More)
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