B. S. Kariyappa

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The Short Message Service (SMS) is one of the most successful services in existing cellular networks. The SMS provides a means of sending messages of limited size to and from Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) or Universal Mobile Telecommunications System (UMTS) phones. SMS technology has evolved out of the GSM standard and presently, the 3rd(More)
This paper discusses the design and implementation of single phase PWM inverter using 8051 microcontroller. The main features of 8051 based PWM inverter are simpler design, low cost, maximum range of voltage control and compact in size. The designed PWM inverter is tested on various AC loads like AC motor and intensity control of incandescent lamp in a(More)
The conventional way of killing weeds in a crop plantation is to spray herbicides throughout the plantation. This results in contamination of the food crops and also the yield becomes less as some of the crop plants die along with the weeds. Thus there is a need for a smart weed control system. In this paper, an image processing algorithm is used to take(More)
Conventional Complementary metal oxide semiconductor circuits (CMOS) dissipate energy in the form of bits of information. This dissipation of energy is in the form of power dissipation and plays a very important role as far as low power design is considered. Today, most digital circuits are being designed using Reversible Logic. Design based on Reversible(More)
Several techniques have been developed to control alternating current (AC) power. In this paper we put forward, a novel technique to design and implement a single phase PWM inverter using simple 8051 microcontroller rather than using digital signal processor (DSP) controllers . The main features of 8051 based PWM inverter are simpler design, low cost,(More)
Over the past few years, the Integrated circuits design and verification has become increasingly complex. Industry, to overcome this problem has shifted to Electronic System Level (ESL) design flow. The ESL design at higher level of abstraction is called Virtual System Prototype (VSP). Each Intellectual Property (IP) in VSP should be verified Block level(More)
The growing interest for flexible electronic applications has made Thin film Transistors (TFT) a hot topic of research today. Many different types of TFT devices are reported for a variety of applications. In this paper we have studied the behavior of drain current of amorphous silicon TFT with respect to different parameters. During the study the parameter(More)
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