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This paper attempts to highlight quantitatively and qualitatively the growth and development of world literature on materials science in terms of publication output and citations as per Web of Science (2006–2010). The objective of the study was to perform a scientometric analysis of all materials science research publications in the world. The parameters(More)
countries were analysed. Total number of records input to INIS database by India were 30356 (54.88 %) and by other countries and international organizations were 24957 (45.12%).The average number of papers published per year were 1676.15.United States is the top producer of scientific output with 397568 (16.85%) publications in this field. India ranked(More)
This paper attempts to provide detailed quantitative analysis of Indian contributions on thorium in terms of publications output as per International Nuclear Information System database during 1970-2004. A total of 2399 papers were published by the Indian scientists in the field of thorium. There were only nine publications in 1970. Thereafter, a steady(More)
Scientrometric analysis of 1733 papers published by the teams comprising total of 926 participating scientists at Chemistry Division of Bhabha Atomic Research Centre (BARC) during 1970-1999 in the domains: Radiation & Photochemistry and Chemical Dynamics (649), Solid State Studies (558), Inorganic, Structural and Materials Chemistry (460) and Theoretical(More)
This paper attempts to analyse quantitatively the growth and development of Mass There were only three papers published in 1970. The highest number of papers (816) were published in 2004. The average number of publications published per year was 303.13. United States topped the list with 2247 publications followed by Germany with 1333 publications, Japan(More)