B. S. Kademani

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The application of the measurement of scientific and technical activities has been a lengthy process of the appropriate metrics and the assignment of the standards and benchmarks for their usage. Although some studies have addressed issues of the management of science and technology and their relation to scientometrics and infometrics, there is nevertheless(More)
Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin (1910–1994), the renowned crystallographer and the Nobel prize winner in Chemistry (1964) was responsible for developing the X-ray diffraction method of finding the exact structure of large and complicated molecules, such as Penicillin, Vitamin B-12, Insulin, etc. Her 180 publications during 1932–1988 were analyzed by domains,(More)
This paper attempts to highlight quantitatively and qualitatively the growth and development of world literature on materials science in terms of publication output and citations as per Web of Science (2006–2010). The objective of the study was to perform a scientometric analysis of all materials science research publications in the world. The parameters(More)
This paper attempts to highlight quantitatively the growth and development of world literature on thorium in terms of publication output as per Science Citation Index (1982-2004). During 1982-2004 a total of 3987 papers were published by the scientists in the field 'thorium'. The average number of publications published per year were 173. The highest number(More)
The paper analyses the citations to 1733 publications published during 1970–1999 by the Chemistry Division at Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, using Science Citation Index 1982–2003 as the source data. The extent of citations received, in terms of the number of citations per paper, yearwise break up of citations, domainwise citations, self-citations and(More)
Ahmed Hassan Zewail, the Nobel laureate (1999) in chemistry have collaborated with 103 colleagues and has published 246 papers during 1976 to 1994 in: femtochemistry (62), reaction rates and IVR (56), general reviews (49), coherence and optical dephasing phenomena (27), solids: magnetic resonance and optical studies (13), liquids and biological systems (9),(More)
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