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Atlantic, a new potato variety, was released July 16, 1976, by the Agricultural Research Service of the United States Depar tment of Agriculture, the Florida Agricultural Exper iment Station, the Virginia Truck and Ornamenta ls Research Station, Norfolk, the N e w Jersey Agricultural Exper iment Station, and the Maine Agricultural Exper imen t Station.(More)
This paper describes the Integrated Remote Neurosurgical System (IRNS), a remotely-operated neurosurgical microscope with high-speed communications and a surgeon-accessible user interface. The IRNS will allow high quality bidirectional mentoring in the neurosurgical suite. The research goals of this effort are twofold: to develop a clinical system allowing(More)
The eeciency of the automatic execution of complex assembly tasks can be enhanced by the identiica-tion of the contact state. In this paper we derive a new method for testing a hypothesized contact state using force sensing in the presence of sensing and control uncertainty. The hypothesized contact state is represented as a collection of elementary(More)
BelRus, a new russet potato variety, is medium late in maturity and adapted primarily for the Northeastern United States and northern Florida. Tubers are long, smooth and moderately flat with a heavy russet skin. Eyes are shallow and immediately adjacent skin is, for the most part, nonrussetted in the Northeastern U.S. Industry speaks of the BelRus there as(More)
  • B Graves
  • 1939
(pp. 44-50) with its interesting clinical and pathological report on " Scleral Plaques," induces me to submit the following article bearing on this subject. I wrote this article nearly a year ago as the first part of one more than twice the length and, meaning to abbreviate it before submitting ii for publication, I put it in a drawer where it has since(More)