B. S. Dandapat

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We study the qualitative behavior of a class of predator-prey models with Beddington-DeAngelistype functional response, primarily from the viewpoint of permanence uniform persistence . The Beddington-DeAngelis functional response is similar to the Holling type-II functional response but contains a term describing mutual interference by predators. We(More)
Onset of thermal convection in an incompressible fluid layer bounded between a perfectly heat conducting lower rigid plate and an upper free surface is analysed when the layer is subject to random vibrations. It is shown that when the vibrations are characterized by a white noise process, they hasten the onset of convection. Further it is shown that the(More)
The effect of surface deformation on the onset of thermosolutal convection in a horizontal thin layer heated from below and salted from above is examined, using linear stability theory. It is found that two critical Crispation numbers C ^ and Cr 2 exist. For Cr 5S C ^ the instability mechanism remains unefTected by the deformation of the free surface,(More)
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