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the hybrid optical-wireless broadband network (HOW-B) is shows potential future for healthcare communication systems and networks. The marvel innovations in free space optics (FSO) based wireless communication, medical sensors and mobile network technologies have associated with emerging biological fields of telemedicine and bioinformatics. On the other(More)
We propose a unique model Wireless Sensor Networks for Intelligent Spaces (WIS), for Smart Civil Structures, which aims to cover utility of WSN in Intelligent Structures. WIS uses smoke detectors that monitor different parts of the building and communicate to track the spread of the fire. WIS utilizes stress and motion sensors, built into the civil(More)
Third generation (3G) mobile communication system, namely Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS), will support a wide range of applications with different quality of service (QoS) profiles. At present many of these applications are not possible to predict. Also the usage of the different applications are difficult to predict i.e. it is not(More)
Designing network security perimeters to nullify security threats is the objective of 'security gurus' involved in the development of security applications and devices. An organization, not uncompromising on security, dedicates a hefty budget proportion for deploying security plans and updates. Fighting and chasing the modern attackers 24times7 has enforced(More)
The advancement in Tele-healthcare and communication technologies, in last decade, has given rise to remote healthcare services. Today, existing Tele-healthcare approaches either extending services in limited zones as Private Area Network (PAN) or offering the limited healthcare services in wider areas using Mobile Medical Units (MMUs) & remote(More)
Breech presentation is one of the reasons for infant mortality and neurological disorders. Many conventional methods are being used to address the problem with different success rates and side effects, like External Cephalic Version, Elective C-Section, Moxibustions, gravity manipulation, acupressure, homeopathy, slant board exercise, visualization etc. The(More)
This paper reviews the need for strategic information by the business enterprise, the business executive and the information service provider, and answers the question whether commercially available software fulfils the organizational requirements. We also summarize how those requirements have been evolving throughout the past four decades.
Integrated fiber-wireless (FiWi) access networks are a viable solution that can deliver the high profile quadruple play services. Passive optical networks (PON) networks integrated with wireless access networks provide ubiquitous characteristics for high bandwidth applications. Operation of PON improves by employing a variety of multiplexing techniques. One(More)
The paper presents a ready-to-use security assessment framework for wireless sensor networks (WSNs). The parameters in the proposed security assessment framework perform independent security assessment of WSNs and of their applications. Our proposed framework uses actual responses of the entities (such as nodes, communication link and network response) to(More)
Sindh along the lower delta of Indus River is one of the world's most ancient civilizations. Over the last six decades, people of Sindh have gone all over the world and have been successful in all fields of life. In order to maintain Sindhi environment in their homes, they have to acquire various things related to Sindh from various countries. In the past,(More)
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