B. S. Chaudhari

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With tremendous growth in the wireless industry and due to scarcity of spectrum, the future cellular network will be limited by the number of channels available in each cell. The solutions like sectoring, cell splitting cannot cope up with the ever increasing demand of the subscribers. One of the other options to control the demand is through the economical(More)
Image segmentation plays vital role in computer vision for image retrieval, visual summary, image base modeling, and for many other purposes. Despite many years of research and significant contributions, image segmentation is still a very challenging task to suit for variety of applications. Among the different segmentation approaches, graph theoretical(More)
Nowadays, User authentication has become a tough challenge to all the web services like banking sector, ecommerce sites etc. To facilitate these same requirements, we are going to implement Hi-pass system which is a combination of session password & a random key which is validated with the help of a cell-phone and a web service. The SHA (Secure Hash(More)
Power and Bandwidth are scarce resources in cellular communication. The limited radio spectrum is becoming scarcer with an increasing growth in cellular users and the new services offered by the advancement in cellular communication. Optimum utilization of limited bandwidth; in cellular communication is an important research topic, in which the main(More)
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