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The experience of treatment is available for 404 patients with mechanical obstruction in cancer of the colon. Clinicoroentgenological and ultrasound examinations of the organs of abdominal cavity provided early diagnosis of the disease. Radical operations were carried out in 59.7% of the patients, palliative ones--in 40.3%. Radical right-sided hemicolectomy(More)
Microcirculation was studied with laser doppler flowmetry in 226 patients with acute destructive pancreatitis treated with standard detoxication, antiinflammatory, antibacterial and surgical methods. The examination was performed on the unit LAKK-01 (NPP 'Lazma', Russia) by original methods based on the study of microcirculation in biologically active(More)
The clinico-immunological investigation of 99 patients with gastroduodenal hemorrhages has shown pronounced changes in the humoral defensive system of the organism to develop due to hemorrhage which are dependent mainly on the degree and duration of the hemorrhage. The complement system is the first to suffer. The authors believe that the indices of the(More)
The authors have analyzed results of the roentgen computed examination of 73 patients with acute pancreatitis and its complications. The potentialities of roentgen computed tomography (RCT) in diagnosing are shown as well as computed semiotics of acute pancreatitis and its complications. The authors consider that RCT makes the diagnosis substantially more(More)
Surgical stress resulting from the operative morbidity and narcosis aggravates the associated age-related and secondary immunodeficiency of gerontological patients at surgeries. Stress hormones have a strong depressing effect on the immunity by forming stress immunodeficiency. Not only high blood level determines the damaging effect of stress hormones but(More)