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The experience of treatment is available for 404 patients with mechanical obstruction in cancer of the colon. Clinicoroentgenological and ultrasound examinations of the organs of abdominal cavity provided early diagnosis of the disease. Radical operations were carried out in 59.7% of the patients, palliative ones--in 40.3%. Radical right-sided hemicolectomy(More)
As a rule, gerontological patients have a combination of senile physiological immunodeficiency and secondary immunodeficiency caused by various diseases. These states of the immune system are aggravated by stress immunodeficiency formed as a result of operative traumas and anesthesia. The immunodeficiency state (IDS) of such patients in many respects is(More)
Microcirculation was studied with laser doppler flowmetry in 226 patients with acute destructive pancreatitis treated with standard detoxication, antiinflammatory, antibacterial and surgical methods. The examination was performed on the unit LAKK-01 (NPP 'Lazma', Russia) by original methods based on the study of microcirculation in biologically active(More)
An analysis of 77 case histories of people who died from destructive pancreatitis is presented. Medico-tactical errors and complications were found out. A differentiated approach to treatment of acute pancreatitis was shown to be necessary depending on the stage of the disease. Preference is given to complex conservative therapy with the closed-type(More)