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A simple lattice model is used to study compaction in granular media. As in real experiments, we consider a series of taps separated by large enough waiting times. The relaxation of the density exhibits the characteristic inverse logarithmic law. Moreover, we have been able to identify analytically the relevant time scale, leading to a relaxation law(More)
We use soliton perturbation theory and collective coordinate ansatz to investigate the mechanism of soliton ratchets in a driven and damped asymmetric double sine-Gordon equation. We show that, at the second order of the perturbation scheme, the soliton internal vibrations can couple effectively, in presence of damping, to the motion of the center of mass,(More)
A collective coordinate theory is developed for soliton ratchets in the damped discrete sine-Gordon model driven by a biharmonic force. An ansatz with two collective coordinates, namely the center and the width of the soliton, is assumed as an approximated solution of the discrete nonlinear equation. The dynamical equations of these two collective(More)
the date of receipt and acceptance should be inserted later Abstract. In this paper, interstitial migration generated by scattering with a mobile breather is investigated numerically in a Frenkel-Kontorova one-dimensional lattice. In accordance with experimental results it is shown that interstitial diffusion is likely and faster than vacancy diffusion. Our(More)
Recent papers that have studied variants of the Peyrard-Bishop model for DNA, have taken into account the long range interaction due to the dipole moments of the hydrogen bonds between base pairs. In these models the helicity of the double strand is not considered. In this paper we have performed an analysis of the influence of the helicity on the(More)
We report fully relativistic molecular-dynamics simulations that verify the appearance of thermal equilibrium of a classical gas inside a uniformly accelerated container. The numerical experiments confirm that the local momentum distribution in this system is very well approximated by the Jüttner function-originally derived for a flat spacetime-via the(More)
Ratchet dynamics of topological solitons of the forced and damped discrete double sine-Gordon system are studied. Directed transport occurring both in regular and in chaotic regions of the phase space and its dependence on damping, amplitude, and frequency of the driving, asymmetry parameter, and coupling constant, has been extensively investigated. We show(More)
In this paper we study numerically existence and stability of exact dark waves on the (nonintegrable) discrete nonlinear Schrödinger equation for a finite one-dimensional lattice. These are solutions that bifurcate from stationary dark modes with constant background intensity and zero intensity at a site, and whose initial state translates exactly one site(More)
The ratchet effect of a sine-Gordon kink is investigated in the absence of any external force while the symmetry of the field potential at every time instant is maintained. The directed motion appears by a time shift of the sine-Gordon potential through a time-dependent additional phase. A symmetry analysis provides the necessary conditions for the(More)
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