B Ryde-Brandt

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Using a self-report questionnaire, the Hospital Anxiety and Depression (HAD) scale, feelings of anxiety and depression were assessed in 133 breast cancer patients referred for adjuvant radiotherapy following surgical treatment. Eighteen patients (14%) had scores indicating morbid anxiety. Significant depression was recorded for only 2 patients (1.5%).(More)
  • B Ryde-Brandt
  • The British journal of psychiatry : the journal…
  • 1990
Using the HAD scale, anxiety and depression were assessed in 18 mothers of mentally retarded psychotic children and a comparative group of 18 mothers of children with motor handicaps. Anxiety and depression scores were significantly higher among the mothers of the psychotic children, although no definite signs of depression were recorded.
Anxiety was scored with a questionnaire (HAD) in four groups of women: 18 mothers of psychotic children, 18 mothers of children with various motor handicaps, 13 mothers of children with Down's syndrome and a reference group of 13 women without handicapped children. High scores for anxiety were particularly common in mothers of psychotic children. All(More)
The occurrence of anxiety or depression, experience of social support and feelings about the family situation were evaluated in 13 mothers of children of primary school age with Down's syndrome (DS). The results were compared with those obtained in a group of 13 females engaged in taking care of these children and assisting their families. Questionnaires(More)
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