B. Rodríguez-Garay

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Diamines and polyamines are ubiquitous components of living cells, and apparently are involved in numerous cellular and physiological processes. Certain "uncommon" polyamines have limited distribution in nature and have been associated primarily with organisms adapted to extreme environments, although the precise function of these polyamines in such(More)
Shoot meristem tissues of alfalfa, Medicago sativa L., were found by high performance liquid chromatography analyses to contain the uncommon polyamines, norspermidine and norspermine. The chemical structures of norspermidine and norspermine, purified from alfalfa, were confirmed by comparison of mass spectra with those from authentic standards. The(More)
Agave tequilana Weber is a monocot plant species member of the Asparagaceae family. One of the characteristics of monocot species is that their embryos show only one cotyledon. In this work, the occurrence of embryos with two cotyledons and fused cotyledons in A. tequilana is reported for the first time. The occurrence of dicotyledonar embryos in a species(More)
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