B. Ravichandran

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A primary strength of the XCS approach is its ability to create maximally accurate general rules. In automatic target recognition (ATR) there is a need for robust performance beyond so-called <i>standard operating conditions</i> (SOCs, those conditions for which training data is available) to <i>extended operating conditions</i> (EOCs, conditions of known(More)
There are only a few studies performed on multinomial logistic regression on the benzene-exposed occupational group. A study was carried out to assess the relationship between the benzene concentration and trans-trans-muconic acid (t,t-MA), biomarkers in urine samples from petrol filling workers. A total of 117 workers involved in this occupation were(More)
BACKGROUND Cholinesterase determination indicates whether the person has been under pesticide exposure is not. It is recommended that the worker's cholinesterase level should be assessed for workers at a pesticide applied region. Hence, cholinesterase activities in blood samples of agricultural workers exposed to vegetables and grape cultivation with age(More)
This paper reports the authors' ongoing experience with a system for discovering novel fighter combat maneuvers, using a genetics-based machine learning process, and combat simulation. In effect, the genetic learning system in this application is taking the place of a test pilot, in discovering complex maneuvers from experience. The goal of this work is(More)
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