B. Ravi

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In recent years, various RNA-based technologies have been under evaluation as potential next-generation cancer therapeutics. Micrornas (miRNAS), known to regulate the cell cycle and development, are deregulated in various cancers. Thus, they might serve as good targets or candidates in an exploration of anticancer therapeutics. One attractive candidate for(More)
Software packages NUPARM and NUCGEN, are described, which can be used to understand sequence directed structural variations in nucleic acids, by analysis and generation of non-uniform structures. A set of local inter basepair parameters (viz. tilt, roll, twist, shift, slide and rise) have been defined, which use geometry and coordinates of two successive(More)
Experimental studies have been carried out using 5-aminolaevulinic acid (ALA) to induce transient porphyrin photosensitisation for photodynamic therapy (PDT) in a pancreatic cancer model in Syrian golden hamsters. ALA was given either intravenously or orally (in bolus or fractionated doses) with the laser light delivered by means of a bare fibre touching(More)
An integrated methodology using quality function deployment (QFD) and analytic network process (ANP) is proposed to determine and prioritize the engineering requirements of a cast part, based on the customer needs, for selecting and evaluating an appropriate rapid prototyping (RP) based route for tooling fabrication. The QFD incorporates a planning matrix(More)
The role that epigenetic mechanisms play in phenomena such as cellular differentiation during embryonic development, X chromosome inactivation, and cancers is well-characterized. Epigenetic mechanisms have been implicated to be the mediators of several functions in the nervous system such as in neuronal-glial differentiation, adult neurogenesis, the(More)
A casting cost estimation model, driven by the solid model of the part and its attributes (material, geometric, quality and production requirements) is presented. It is meant for product designers with little knowledge of the process, enabling design modifications for cost reduction in early stages, when the cost of such modifications is low. Analytical(More)
This paper presents a novel voxel-based representation scheme coupled with voxelisation, display and geometric algorithms for the purpose of thickness analysis of very complex free form shapes. The binary voxel model is stored as a stack of voxel layers represented as bit-arrays. Polygonal solid models obtained from a CAD system or 3D scanning are converted(More)
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