B. Rao

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Automatic symbolic traffic scene analysis is essential to many areas of IVHS (Intelligent Vehicle Highway Systems). Traffic scene information can be used to optimize traffic flow during busy periods , identify stalled vehicles and accidents, and aid the decision-making of an autonomous vehicle controller. Improvements in technologies for machine(More)
In this paper, a non-cooperative two person zero-sum static game(with in a discrete interval of time) is formulated and analyzed for the interaction between the SYN flood attacker and the web server administrator. The SYN flood game (SFG) payoffs are calculated based on Erlang loss queuing model. The solution of the SFG leads to mixed strategy and analyzed(More)
Visual Cryptography is based on cryptography where n images are encoded in a way that only the human visual system can decrypt the hidden message without any cryptographic computations when all shares are stacked together. This paper presents an improved algorithm based on Chang's and Yu visual cryptography scheme for hiding a colored image into multiple(More)
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