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We dedicate this paper to the memory of our friend and colleague, Sally A. Webber, whose work provided the inspiration for this study. We would like to thank Richard Hatfield (associate editor), two anonymous referees, SUMMARY Auditing standards prescribe that the auditor should consider client management's attitude toward fraud when making fraud risk(More)
13 women admitted consecutively in preterm labour were recruited to an observational study of the effect of glyceryl trinitrate (GTN) patches on uterine contractions and prolongation of pregnancy. All twenty episodes of preterm labour (at 23-33 weeks' gestation) responded. 1 patient delivered because of cervical incompetence despite cessation of uterine(More)
(2010). Individual differences in auditory sentence comprehension in children: An exploratory event-related functional magnetic resonance imaging investigation. Brain and Language, 114(2), 72-79.
Libraries, institutions and other users registered with reproduction rights organizations may make copies in accordance with the licences issued to them for this purpose. Visit www.ifrro.org to find the reproduction rights organization in your country. trade union / international trade union / trade union role / developed countries / developing countries.(More)
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