B. Ramakrishnan

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Vehicular Adhoc Network (VANET) is a special type of Intelligent Transport System (ITS), where the mobile nodes are cars, two wheelers, trucks, buses etc., that move on well organized and predefined roads in both direction at very high speed. Following traffic rules, the vehicles provide communication with each other directly (Inter Vehicle(More)
Communication network plays an important role in providing safe vehicular movement. The main achievement of VANET is providing comfort and safety for passengers. In addition to that, various transactions like information on accident, road condition, petrol bank details, menu in the restaurant, and discount sales can be provided to the drivers and(More)
– In heterogeneous environments, devices accessible in different networks may help to provide new opportunities for utilizing new services when they are connected efficiently. In mobile ad hoc networks, it is very difficult in maintaining the links among the devices, because of the frequent change in the density of mobile devices, their various medium of(More)
In this paper, we determine all modular forms of weights 36 ≤ k ≤ 56, 4 | k, for the full modular group SL 2 (Z) which behave like theta series, i.e., which have in their Fourier expansions, the constant term 1 and all other Fourier coefficients are non–negative rational integers. In fact, we give convex regions in R 3 (resp. in R 4) for the cases k = 36,(More)