B. Ramachandhran

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We investigate theoretically the phase diagram of a spin-orbit coupled Bose gas in two-dimensional harmonic traps. We show that at strong spin-orbit coupling the single-particle spectrum decomposes into different manifolds separated by ℏω{⊥}, where ω{⊥} is the trapping frequency. For a weakly interacting gas, quantum states with Skyrmion lattice patterns(More)
We demonstrate control of the collapse and expansion of an (88)Sr Bose-Einstein condensate using an optical Feshbach resonance near the (1)S(0)-(3)P(1) intercombination transition at 689 nm. Significant changes in dynamics are caused by modifications of scattering length by up to ± 10a(bg), where the background scattering length of (88)Sr is a(bg) = -2a(0)(More)
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