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The purpose of this report is to describe the epidemiological and pathological features of humeral osteomyelitis based on four pediatric cases observed during the subacute and chronic stage over a 12-month period. All locations were encountered. The offending bacterium was always Staphylococcus aureus. All four patients presented involvement of both the(More)
Gastric perforation in the neonate is rare. The authors report a 3-day-old male infant, born through a normal delivery after an uncomplicated pregnancy, who presented with a sudden gross distention of the abdomen followed by respiratory distress. Abdominal X-ray examination showed a massive pneumoperitoneum. After a brief resuscitation, an isolated(More)
We report a case of right ovarian dermoid cyst fistulized in the bladder and revealed by recurrence urinary infections. The diagnostic has not been conformed but 5 years after the urinary first manifestations. The cystoscopy has been a cardinal importance but the right seat of the lesion has been determined only during laparotomy. This unusual complication(More)
The primitive psoas abscess is a pathology extremely rare in the child. The diagnosis is difficult and often delayed. Their treatment requires a local and general sterilization of the infection. We report three observations of primary abscess of the psoas in the child. The clinic presentation is uncommon. Ultrasonography keeps an important place. The(More)
A sigmoid tuberculosis is very rare. We report a case of sigmoid pseudotumoral tuberculosis with a fistulization into the urinary bladder in a 10-year-old girl. The diagnosis of tuberculosis was made by histopathological examination of the surgical specimen after segmental colectomy. Surgery completed by antitubercular chemotherapy gave a good result.
The inguinal hernia, malformations caused by persistence of peritonea-vaginal duct, is frequent in children. It is a benign affection as long as it is not strangled. During our five-year-retrospective study, we have found 32 cases (30 boys and 2 girls) of strangled inguinal hernia. There are 78,12% of cases under five years old. In 54%, the hernia was on(More)
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