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To recognize and classify any connected region-of-interest (ROI) in a digital image, the shape descriptor of the ROI has to be defined in terms of its boundary characteristics. However, for certain types of regions, it is very difficult to exactly trace the contour and none of the existing techniques satisfactorily work. In this paper, yConvex hypergraph(More)
Shapes in images provide important features for pattern recognition, pattern matching, content-based image retrieval, etc. In this paper, a contour based structural approach is proposed to represent any arbitrary shape in an image by an alpha-numeric string. The proposed method performs decomposition of the region into disjoint sub-regions by detecting the(More)
Keywords: Optimal reactive power dispatch Wind farm Grid code Hybrid particle swarm optimization a b s t r a c t With the increasing penetration of wind power generation, the stringent grid codes are imposed by the system operators insisting the wind turbines to behave similar to that of synchronous generators. As a part of fulfilling the grid code in terms(More)
ColorFingers is a WYSIWYG, Location Independent Touch (LIT) based color picking tool aimed to give unique and swift interaction in choosing color on touch based devices. It makes use of touch interface and the touch information of two fingers to select almost 16 million colors. This tool is a model to prove how touch can be interpreted in different ways to(More)
Single sensor with Bayer pattern color filters are used to reduce size and cost of consumer digital cameras. These cameras use various demosaicing algorithms to construct the entire image with true colors from the acquired insufficient RGB (Red,Green and Blue) mosaics. In order to estimate original true colors, iterative demosaicing algorithms are being(More)
To define and identify a region-of-interest (ROI) in a digital image, the shape descriptor of the ROI has to be described in terms of its boundary characteristics. To address the generic issues of contour tracking, the yConvex Hypergraph (yCHG) model was proposed by Kanna et al [1]. This yCHG model represents any connected region as a finite set of disjoint(More)
In this paper we proposed a syntactic approach to represent any connected region taken from the binary digital image. The proposed method is an enhancement of DCAD algorithm and it provides alphanumeric string to represent the connected region, which preserves the shape and size. In enhanced DCAD we introduced two variables to differentiate the left and(More)
A large amount of biological data is semi-structured and stored in any one the following file formats such as flat, XML and relational files. These databases must be integrated with the structured data available in relational or object-oriented databases. The sequence matching process is difficult in such file format, because string comparison takes more(More)
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