B. Rajendra Naik

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Ternary Content Addressable Memory (TCAM) is hardwarebased parallel lookup tables with bit-level masking capability. They are attractive for applications such as packet forwarding and classification in network routers. TCAMS are gaining importance in high-speed intensive applications. However, the high cost and power consumption are limiting their(More)
Now a days, low power Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) circuit plays an important role in designing efficient energy saving electronic systems for high speed performance. In VLSI, low power dissipation is the main criterion in many electronic devices out of speed, area, etc., like mobile phones, laptops, high speed work stations etc., Due to the(More)
We commenced two memory measure, and power productive algorithmic transmutation for the Viterbi Algorithm (VA) and genetic algorithm(GA). The first performs in-place ciphering marking down memory vital and bit transitions on the data address bus, although the second elucidate the traceback standard of expressive VA, Today the technology changes indubitable(More)
In this paper, the implementation of pulse parameters measurement in Xilinx FPGA devices using digital signal processing (DSP) is presented. The DSP includes Digital In-phase Quadrature-phase (IQ) method, Signal Detection, measurements of interpulse and intrapulse parameters. These are designed and developed using Very high speed integrated circuits(More)
This present paper, a 3 transistor XNOR gate is proposed. The proposed XNOR gate is designed using CADENCE EDA tool and simulated using the SPECTRE VIRTUOSO at 180 nm technology. The proposed results are compared with the previous existing designs in terms of power and delay. It is observed that the power consumption is reduced by 65.19 % for three(More)
An accurate Image segmentation is very important in image processing. The main purpose of the image segmentation is to partition the original image into uniform regions. Image segmentation can be applied as the pre-processing stage for the other image processing techniques. There are several techniques for segmentation MR image in image processing. Image(More)
As higher and higher speeds are used in wireless appliance, error correction continues to pose a considerable design challenge. Turbo codes exhibit attainment, in terms of bit error probability, that is very close to the Shannon limit and can be efficiently achieved for high-speed use. Turbo encoders and decoders have been introduced, most of which are(More)
In any industry speed control of an electric drive system is very critical and crucial. Every designer aims at achieving a co methodology having high degree of precision. But industry needs are ever evolving in nature. Hence it is very much essential along with conventional speed control mechanisms we must also have simple interactive graphical based(More)
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